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Preparing for College

The IUPUI Summer Bridge Program is a special opportunity designed to prepare you to be successful in college.

Program Dates

The Summer Bridge Program takes place from August 11-20, 2015.

Student Scholarships

Student Success Scholarships are awarded to eligible students who successfully complete the IUPUI Summer Bridge Program and actively participate in academic support programs during the fall semester following their summer Bridge experience

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Benefits of Bridge

  • Overall, 2012 Summer Bridge participants had higher academic performance (fall GPAs) than nonparticipants.
  • 99% of 2013 Summer Bridge participants indicated that they would recommend the program to other first-year students.
  • Students participating in Summer Bridge consistently have higher one-year retention rates

Fun Fact

The IUPUI Summer Bridge Program began in 2001 with only 18 students. In 2015, up to 1,000 students are expected to participate!